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Winter is over, time to go fishing!

For many, it’s been a chilly long winter. For me, it was, essentially, winter straight into summer with a mere smattering of spring to enjoy. It’s hot enough now for night fishing to be viable. As always, sunrise and sunset are always good too no matter where your closest body of water may be.  Anyway, winter is over, time to go fishing!


In a few of my other online hangouts, the photos of snow melting and raging roily rivers and streams are giving way to grip and grin photos of fish caught. There’s been some really beautiful scenery along with many of the photos shared. It’s easy for me to forget that there are some gorgeous places around the world of interest to the fisherman. UK, Northern Europe, France, Germany, and many more are turning green and lush with wadable waters and eager fish.

Hopefully, you are getting out there and wetting a line and enjoying mother nature’s gifts. I know it’s easy to let time slip by with work, family obligations, graduations, and so forth. But, do yourself a favor and book a meeting or two with yourself, and even a buddy or two, and go fishing. Call it a “staff meeting” on the calendar if you must. It’ll be our little secret.

This year has been particularly busy for me, but I have managed to get out the stick and string and land some bream and bass on my fly rod. I never get tired of feisty warm water species, but my true love is fishing for trout in mountain streams and rivers. Unless something fortuitous comes up, It’ll be Fall before I can get my big trip in. I haven’t yet decided if it’s going to be a tour of Colorado or somewhere to the eastern US, but the date cannot come too quick for this guy.

Brown Trout on the fly
My fishing buddy Jerry sent me this shot from up in the Rio Grande area near South Fork, CO
Rio Grande River
The beautiful Rio Grande River just before the first snow in 2017.

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