Here is where we decided to place links to useful resources for fishing enthusiasts. We are not trying to be the ultimate listing of information here, but rather a focused list based on organizations, people, businesses, or products that we endorse or have found useful in our fishing exploits.

Women’s Fly Fishing Resources/Clubs:

United Women on the Fly (UWOTF)
Women’s Flyfishing
International Women Fish Fly (IWF) – Notably Fly Fishing Clubs for Women section as the main site is out of date

Women’s Fishing Resources/Clubs:

International Women’s Fishing Association (I.W.F.A)
“Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing”

Online Fishing Supplies & Gear


Tactical Fly Fisher – US Online Fly Fishing Supplies related to Competition Fly Fishing and Devin Olsen
These are online businesses that we have personally used and enthusiastically endorse. No affiliations, we just like them.